It’s 2016 and You Still Have an Unresponsive Website

How’s that '80s haircut treating you? Seriously, it’s time. This article is from mid-2015 and confirms that more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktops. You were warned of “Mobilgeddon” and yet you waited. (Mobilgeddon was the term the tech industry adopted to warn that Google would begin punishing unresponsive websites in a mobile environment.)

 There can only be a few reasons why you haven’t taken the leap to redesign your site.

Apathy – “Sure, it’s important, but I haven’t finished binge-watching The Walking Dead.”

Disbelief – “That’s what they said about Y2K.”

Defiance – “I refuse to capitulate to the whims of ‘the man.’”

Sorrow – “I haven’t gotten over the last Facebook redesign. This is simply too much.”

Irrational Fear – “What if I redesign my site and suddenly people stop using smart phones?”

Budget – “I just dumped a ton of money into my website a year ago. Not doing it again. Nope. Sorry. Google can go screw.”

Out of the above possibilities, we’re guessing it’s the last one. At least, we hope so because there’s not much we can do about the others.

We have some good news. Responsive and customizable themes are abundant. They’re tested and proven and mostly likely the answer to what you’re looking for. It’s not free to create a custom website with a responsive theme, but Morey Creative has anticipated your resistance and created a transparent financing model that allows our clients to pay a monthly fee for redesign services. There are other services included in this retainer depending upon your needs, which differ from client to client.

This model serves a couple of purposes. The first is that it eliminates the worry about dropping a lump sum on something you feel like you’ve already paid for over and over. It also encourages our clients to have an ongoing conversation with our team instead of a transactional relationship. Your business is dynamic and ever-changing, which is why we have created such a flexible payment and communication relationship. The more often we speak to our clients, the more we are aware of their needs and challenges, so we can respond accordingly. 

That’s probably the biggest takeaway that we can offer, beyond the fact that YES, YOU DO NEED A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE! Don’t settle for “one-and-done.” We have a feeling that this just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.