Introducing Vitralogy & Ringo: Morey Creative Studios' Two Newest Clients

Danielle Esposito

Danielle Esposito
Published November 02, 2017


Technology is forever altering our daily lives and revolutionizing the ways in which companies conduct business, creating simpler, faster, and more convenient avenues for consumers to find and purchase the goods and services they need.

Whether it's a mobile commerce platform transforming the in-store grocery shopping experience, the online food delivery of healthy prepared meals to gyms and vitamin stores, more efficient merchant processing services, or even a groundbreaking anaerobic digester facility that's literally helping to protect the global environment by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions—Morey Publishing is proud to represent a wide and ever-growing roster of innovative clients utilizing technology to improve the lives of customers and make this world a better place, overall.

Our two newest clients—Vitralogy and RINGO—exemplify this.    

Email-Website-Announcment-SMK.pngVitralogy holds the extraordinary distinction of being the world's only Operations as a Service (OaaS) platform to fully automate cooling tower data and protocols critical to Legionella compliance—new regulations recently enacted to thwart the spread of Legionella bacteria, which can cause a severe, often fatal type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease, and a less-serious infection known as Pontiac fever.

These illnesses can spread through the inhalation of water droplets containing the bacteria. Cooling towers, which sit atop buildings and provide large-scale air-conditioning, are considered potential breeding grounds for Legionella if improperly disinfected and maintained, since they contain large amounts of water and disperse such droplets.

Vitralogy's engineers contemplated every aspect of the Legionella laws when developing its automated compliance app, ultimately creating seamless, transparent and integrated workflows that converge within one centralized, easy-to-navigate window, to help facility managers operate at peak performance and capacity, 24/7.

Vitralogy's app-based solution is intuitive and innovative, interconnecting all stakeholders throughout the Legionella testing and compliance process via a host of cutting-edge technological features, including: data capture, encrypted and redundant security, real-time notifications, and advanced reporting, among others.

Email-Website-Announcment-Grability.pngA pioneer within the vendor management industry since 2001, RINGO streamlines and redefines hospital and healthcare compliance, and staffing industry temporary workforce management, through a vendor-neutral management system designed to improve accuracy, efficiencies, cost containment and accountability—and better align clients' strategic contingent labor workforce objectives.

Through its centralized, user-friendly, vendor-neutral portal, RINGO provides easy access to spending, usage data, and operational management—ensuring program compliance, consolidating services, and ultimately, saving time and money.

We couldn't be more honored to welcome these two exceptional companies into our fold and help spread the word about their extraordinary services.

Check out Vitralogy and RINGO today!

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