Morey Creative Studios and Founding Partner Be My Eyes Launch InclusionHub, a Comprehensive Digital Accessibility Resource & Database

InclusionHub logo on a blue background

SYOSSET, NY - 12/15/20 - InclusionHub, a first-of-its kind, crowd-sourced database for digital inclusion, has launched.

With more than 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, web accessibility has never been more important for ensuring equal access for all users. 

Built and launched by Morey Creative Studios, InclusionHub is an independent, crowd-sourced resource powered by users and digital inclusion specialists. It seeks to help businesses understand and improve web accessibility by providing an unbiased, transparent and searchable database of companies that specialize in all aspects of digital inclusion.  

InclusionHub’s goal is to cultivate a community of forward-thinking digital inclusion technology and service providers with the knowledge and skills to help guide companies in their accessibility journey. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to be bringing InclusionHub to market at this moment,” said Jon Sasala, president of Morey Creative Studios, a New York-based digital marketing agency. “The conversation around accessibility and digital inclusion has been defining so much of our client work in recent years.

Throughout our own journey, we’ve learned a lot about everything from WCAG requirements to the pros and cons of potential third-party solutions. In addition to wanting to share some of that knowledge, we also wanted to create a space where other experts can share their knowledge and experiences with these tools.”

Morey Creative, Be My Eyes Named as InclusionHub Founding Partners

At launch, InclusionHub has two founding partners: Morey Creative Studios, which developed the database, and Be My Eyes, an accessibility solution that is changing the world by connecting blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers using a smartphone app. 

“Founding partner status demonstrates a high level of commitment to the work of building better, more inclusive digital spaces for all users, which is at the core of our mission as a company,” said Todd Kuipers, vice president of sales at Be My Eyes. “We’re proud to be associated with InclusionHub from its inception, and look forward to seeing this database and the community of people around it grow and have a positive impact on the world.”

Who is InclusionHub For?

InclusionHub is designed to help businesses, organizations and institutions with a digital presence learn more about digital inclusion, and empower them to make decisions about resources that support their needs. In addition, Accessibility and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) leaders, human resources executives, web developers, content creators and policy makers will find a resource-rich directory of technology and service providers vetted by our editors and rated by the public to ensure we maintain a fair and transparent environment. 

“The most important aspect of this environment is the integrity of the InclusionHub Resource Directory,” said Jed Morey, founder of Morey Creative Studios. “Every listing is curated and vetted by InclusionHub’s internal team, whether the provider was invited to participate or suggested by the community.

The rating and review system ensures transparency in the process, and no special consideration is given to a provider regardless of their status, relationship or sponsorship of InclusionHub. Reviews may be user generated, but they are reviewed prior to posting to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest.” 

To learn more about InclusionHub, including the upcoming “Certified Inclusive” initiative, visit And for more information on the Founding Partner program, contact