'Inbound & Down' S02 E03: Customizing Websites with Rep Personalization

Ali Magno

Ali Magno
Published September 26, 2017

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On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito discuss how Morey Creative customizes clients' websites with rep personalization to drive traffic, generate leads, and help sales representatives earn commission.

As an inbound marketing agency committed to providing exceptional services for our clients to help elevate their businesses to the next level, we believe it's important to go above and beyond the status quo. One of the ways we do this is through customizing our clients' websites with rep personalization.

If your company or clients have a sales team, utilizing rep personalization isn't only a great way to help your sales representatives earn commission, but it can help drive traffic to your website (which is fantastic for SEO), and also generate leads.

Here are several ways we've customized our client MerchantPro Express' website with rep personalization:

  • Visitors arriving at the website through a link from a sales rep (either those sent out, or posted on social) view the sales rep contact info at its top instead of the default contact info.
  • That same personalization is included in blog articles, with corresponding quotes from sales reps properly attributed.
  • If a sales rep sends a link or shares it on his or her social media and a visitor fills out a form or schedules a consultation, the new prospect will be added to HubSpot's contact database.

"It's a way for the sales reps to generate their own leads, even if they've never spoke to that person," explains Creative Director Jon Sasala.

 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Companies can leverage rep personalization for content sharing, lead generation, and driving traffic to their site.
  • Reps can utilize personalization to increase commissions.
  • For an agency, it's important to go above and beyond to customize clients' websites.


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