'Inbound & Down' S01 E01: The Introduction

Ali Magno

Ali Magno
Published June 20, 2017

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On this inaugural episode of "Inbound & Down," hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito introduce Morey Creative Studios and the podcast, and discuss its mission: to explore the art and science of inbound marketing.


Working at a HubSpot Partner Agency means we live and breathe all things inbound marketing. When we're not lost in the keyword tool or designing beautiful websites, we’re learning the latest trends and brainstorming ways to help our clients. With so much going on, we thought it the perfect time to share our passion and ideas about inbound.

What better way than a marketing podcast?

“Being that we are an agency dealing in a digital realm that is ever-evolving, we’re aware that we are not perfect," explains Sasala, Morey Creative's Creative Director. "That even when we do feel like we’ve become perfect at something, we know it’s going to change. We know that we need to continue to evolve and continue to learn.

"So," he continues, "we thought that this podcast would be a good opportunity for us to look at what we go through, our trials and tribulations, what we learn as we go, share our passion for what we do, share with you guys the best practices in marketing, and some tips and tricks."

Listen, Learn (& Laugh).

Twice a week, Sasala and Esposito—Morey Creative's Senior Strategist—will take listeners on a fun and illuminating voyage through the exciting realm of inbound marketing. They'll share tips and techniques, dispense helpful and sometimes-humorous insights, and overall, spread the news about this effective philosophy.

'Inbound & Down' is brought to you by Morey Creative Studios.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The idea behind inbound marketing is to answer the questions consumers are asking.
  • Attract customers with quality content, rather than blasting out your message to people whether they’re ready for your product or service, or not.
  • Develop content about your consumers, so when they’re ready for your product or service, you’re the first search result.


Have any questions or topic suggestions? Comment below or email us at inbound@moreycreative.com.

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