Morey Creative Studios’ Design Director Jon Chim Named To HubSpot Community Champions Program

Text that says HubSpot Community Champions with an icon of people and books

HubSpot Community Team taps Morey designer as a Community Champion for contributing improvements to HubSpot site.

Morey Creative Studies proudly announces that Design Director Jon Chim, an invaluable team member with an artistic and conceptual mind, has been named to the Hubspot Community Champions Program. 

HubSpot’s Community Champions Program consists of members who have reached the rank of Top Contributor or above, and has authored at least 10 Accepted Solutions on the site. The HubSpot Community Team manages the program and is responsible for inviting candidates—with the aim of enabling HubSpot experts to build their personal brand and knowledge, all while helping the Community reach new heights as a valuable resource for the HubSpot network.

The program surrounds members with a network of experts, empowers them with inside knowledge of upcoming changes, and opens up thought leadership opportunities. Not to mention the boost in Community profile ranking, a Community Champion badge, and lots of cool swag to show off.

A team member at Morey Creative Studios for more than eight years, Chim’s involvement with the HubSpot Community consists of sharing his expertise and knowledge, responding to threads and proposing solutions that will help other members solve issues, upvoting other responses and leading them to other posts where they may find answers, and/or sharing great content that will help others on the HubSpot platform.

“What I love most about the HubSpot Community is that everyone is very helpful and supportive of each other,” says Design Director Jon Chim. “Being able to provide other community members with my experiences, solutions, and tips is an awesome feeling. But also knowing that there is always someone that will be able to answer any questions I, or anyone may have, is what makes the Community so great!”

Chim will also be invited to Zoom meetups with other Champions and HubSpot team members, as well as offline events, such as the upcoming INBOUND conferences. 

“Jon is one of the most active, engaged and knowledgeable users of the HubSpot tools. He is incredible,” adds Morey Creative Studios President Jon Sasala. “His hunger to learn and willingness to teach, has propelled him through the ranks with us here at Morey and he inspires us all. His drive and commitment to supporting others, both internally and within the HubSpot community at large, deserve to be celebrated. Jon is a true champion in every sense of the word.”

If you have any questions about the HubSpot Community Champions program, email