How to Unleash the Potential of Marketing Video Production

By now, almost all business people looking to market their companies through digital media are familiar with the tricks of the trade for optimizing their visibility in Google. But did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, as well as the second largest social media platform? This means that video production presents a huge opportunity to blaze a trail right to potential clients' and customers' doors. But how?

There are two key components to ensuring that your video has the desired effect – namely to convert viewers into potential customers. The first is to create quality content. This includes the visuals, audio, and all aspects of production. Professional grade commercial video production makes sure that the focus stays on the message you want your video to communicate and not on its flaws. The second is to understand who a video’s target audience is and why your video might resonate and then get it in front of that audience in a way that is neither intrusive nor forgettable.

Here’s how:


Know Your Target

In order to compose a video that will capture your audience in rapt attention, you need to ask key questions:

  • Who do we want to see this video?
  • Who will benefit from our company/product/service?
  • Identify a problem or pain point your target customer experiences. How does our company/product/service solve a problem this audience experiences?
By creating content around these considerations, you can zero in on a video that will resonate with the exact viewers you want. This customized content will speak directly to viewers’ needs, laying the groundwork for their transition from passive viewer to active potential customer. 


Make it Great

The quality of your marketing video production depends on a number of factors including pre-production considerations like the writing of the script, scout locations, the length of the shoot, cast and crew, and equipment. Central to these considerations, of course, is your budget.

If you are a small business person looking to create and market the video yourself, to make the most of your investment, it pays to place your primary focus on three components will maximize the professional quality of your business video production: lighting, audio, and editing. Any additional budget can be applied to extras to enhance the video’s production value, like animation. If you are a marketing manager who is hiring a company to produce a professional video, your focus should be on how to plan and collaborate with your production company.


Key Takeaways

People enjoy watching videos online. They like to be the one to share them with their social network. By creating shareable content through marketing video production, a company’s message is significantly more likely to gain eyes on its video and a higher chance to convert viewers into buyers down the line.