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Google Unwraps Feature That Will Save Your Holiday

Google Unwraps Feature That Will Save Your Holiday

Jaime Franchi

Jaime Franchi
Published November 25, 2015

Just when you thought Google had thought of everything, they went and really thought of everything. Or this thing. Which is everything this holiday (shopping) season.

Google has been indispensible to retailers, pointing shoppers to area locations with precise information. From searchable products and store hours to store locations connected with Google Maps that not only gives searchers the address of the retailer they are looking for, but actually leads them there, it seemed Google’s integration with shoppers’ needs was complete. Until this week.

This summer, well in advance of Black Friday, Google quietly unveiled a feature that allows shoppers to view a chart of “popular times” for stores via a bar chart that is scrollable by day of the week. According to Google, “Now, you can avoid the wait and see the busiest times of the week at millions of places and businesses around the world directly from Google Search.”

Google has analyzed the foot traffic in store locations so shoppers can make informed decisions about how long they will have to wait on line, online. So if you just want to pop into Target for laundry detergent, dog food, an outfit and a cup of coffee, you can Google your area Target store location and see that 4:00 on Thursday is probably not the best time.

This feature is currently available on Google search on all Internet-connected mobile devices and on Android’s Google Search app.

Now if only I could get Google to wrap my gifts, their holiday takeover will be complete.

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