Creative Facebook Messaging for 2015

Published January 01, 2015


Morey Publishing’s clients are as diverse as the seasons themselves and each holds a special place in our orchard. Our job is to first recognize and understand what makes clients unique, and then to harness the potential that uniqueness provides and cultivate its growth into an inspired campaign that honors their individual contribution. Admittedly, it’s sometimes difficult to show restraint when a client sparks the seed of an idea that we fall in love with. For as much as we would both like to make it blossom overnight, that’s just not how the world works.

A successful campaign transforms an idea into a tangible reality. This requires patience, as all great things do. Even the more ephemeral aspects of our existence – such as love – take time to grow.

The answers to life’s many questions can always be found in nature, which makes our formula simple and natural: shower our clients with attention, drench their ideas in sunshine and bring their projects to market when the time is just right. This approach has served us well as 2014 produced a bumper crop of new ideas.

Throughout 2015, our Timeline photo will reflect this philosophy as we tend to our clients and care for their projects and needs. Our message is simple, but is in no way simplistic: “Grow your business with Morey Publishing.” Every week the Cover Photo will be updated, adding a new frame to an ever-growing animation that serves not just as a metaphor for the abundance 2015 will bring for Morey Publishing and the clients we are honored to partner with, but as through creative Facebook messaging that draws traffic from Facebook to our website, where we showcase the extraordinary work our staff has provided for a diverse cadre of clientele. Follow us on Facebook as we move through the seasons and share the extraordinary fruits our clients have to offer.

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