5 Laws of Corporate Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the potential impact of a video. Corporate video production is one of the main ingredients in any successful digital marketing campaign. Videos speak right to the heart of the message your company is aiming to communicate, are immensely sharable on social media, and allow for you to creatively utilize this storytelling medium to tremendous advantage.


However, there are pitfalls to avoid and key strategies to harness in order to best optimize this powerful tool. Below, find the five laws that will put your video production budget to its best use and impress not only viewers (and potential clients) but your boss as well.


Show, Don’t Tell

This should be the basis of every single video you produce. The beauty of video is that you have tools at your disposal to create compelling content. Use them to craft a story that delivers your message in a visceral way.


Don’t Try to be All Things to All People

A common mistake among digital marketers that isn’t limited to video productions are crafting a message that is too broad. By trying to appeal to the greatest number of viewers, you risk alienating your key target by not being specific enough. A more effective strategy is to refine a narrow message that is targeted directly to those who are a great fit for your company or product, and have an interest in your message.


Don’t Sell Me

Your video should never focus on your sales pitch or the merits of your company. Rather, it should focus on identifying a pain point or problem your potential customer is experiencing and offer up a solution. Only 1/5th of your message should reference your company or product. The other 80% should focus solely on the customer.


Appeal to Emotions and the Rational Mind Will Follow

Video has the great benefit of creating an emotional connection with a viewer. With so many options including great storytelling, music, evocative images, and more, a powerful video appeals to the emotional side of the brain. Once that connection has been fostered, it creates an opening for data to enter. However, without that introduction, a data-centric video will most certainly fall flat.


Show Who You Are at the Core and What You Believe

In today’s highly competitive market, customers expect more from companies than a stylized site and a brand strategy. They want to know what your company is about beyond sales and marketing. What do you believe? What is your core culture? Consider the eco-conscious nature of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or Chipotle. They both have products that appeal to customers, but by communicating their core belief systems and expressing them through effective video campaigns, customers foster a connection through a shared belief system that will help to ensure company loyalty.



Key Takeaways
A video presents that opportunity to take your marketing strategy to stratospheric levels. By incorporating the above 5 Laws of Corporate Video Production, you are well on your way to creating a lasting and successful campaign.