4 Benefits of Office Dogs for #NationalDogDay

Danielle Esposito

Danielle Esposito
Published August 26, 2019


It's no secret that we love our office dogs. I mean, being an animal lover is an actual requirement to work here. But aside from being super convenient for their respective owners, is there anything else that we (and the dogs) get out of being a daily part of the team?

Let's take a look.


Dogs are proven to help reduce stress. DellaB and Nala

In fact, according to a study by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, employee stress levels are greatly reduced when a dog is present. We aren't sure exactly why, but we know that whenever the office pups are in, we all seem to smile just a little wider.


They're ideal for ice breakers.

Whether it's new employees or visiting clients, chatting about the friendly furry co-worker who just greeted them is always an easy way to start a conversation. For us personally, we've noticed that everyone seems to humanize when a happy dog is around.


They're great for when an employee needs a quick break.

According to designer Yelena Mirsakova, "It's a nice reward for yourself when you finish a project—especially a stressful one. All done? Time to pet the pup!"


The dogs are pretty happy, too!

I mean, what's better than hanging out with your mom or dad all day? Our dogs love coming in and socializing with everyone, and we've created plenty of couch space for them to retreat to when they want some time away from all the human interaction.

To prove just how much our office pups love visiting the office, we decided to strap a GoPro on one of them and observe her day from a "dog's eye" perspective.

So, take a peek at what Nala, our Inbound Barketing Coordinator, does all day:




Wait—there's more! Meet Tandia, our Chief Executive Pawfficer, yet another bundle of furry energy.

Happy #NationalDogDay!



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