10 Amazing HubSpot Features

Danielle Esposito

Danielle Esposito
Published August 28, 2018


Originally published on Feb. 6, 2017. Updated on August 28, 2018.

It’s no secret that we love HubSpot.

Our walls are orange for goodness sake.

But take away the solid social engagement, the friendly community vibe and the fact that everybody at HubSpot seems to be having their best day ever every day, and you really do have a platform that is remarkable.

And that’s what’s important, right? If HubSpot didn’t have that core product, this platform that truly encompasses an inbound marketer, web designer and salesperson's dream tools, then all that other stuff wouldn’t hold much weight.

But lucky for us, and for tons of agency partners and HubSpot customers around the world, HubSpot is that dream platform – and here are 10 of our favorite things about ‘em:

  1. CRM  HubSpot took the best of Salesforce and stripped out the parts that were confusing and rarely used. The result is an intuitive, easily navigable tool that encourages full adoption. Most CRMs are scary. This one is anything but. Merge some of the features from the HubSpot Sales (formerly Sidekick) email feature, and you'll take your sales game from 0 to 60. The best part about it? It's free. You don't even have to use the marketing platform to take a test drive with the CRM.
  2. The HubSpot Marketing Blog  Blog posts written by both HubSpot employees and agency partners, these posts are published daily, sharing awesome insights, tips and tricks to nailing inbound. More of a tactical blog, it's a great complement for some well-rounded reading material.
  3. FREE Certifications - Recently, HubSpot has made a ton of their certifications free. For marketing, sales or design nerds, this means that you have way more opportunity to gain knowledge from a reputable organization, and if you're crazy like most of us here are, it means you can freely check off every certification box on your respective bucket list.
  4. A/B Testing Emails - A/B Testing is a great way to see what is or isn't working for your audience. Built right into the Email Portal, you can A/B test various elements of your email to see what leads to more clicks including Subject, Sender, or CTAs.
  5. Inline WYSIWYG Content Editor – This enables anyone—sales people, writers or marketers—to easily create blog posts or edit landing pages without having coding/design/development knowledge. Score!
  6. Social Monitoring  Replaces third-party programs like Hootsuite while also easily connecting with your campaigns/keywords.
  7. Bots  Now free (with custom modules for those with paid versions), bots allow you to set automated responses for a variety of questions that visitors might ask through a chat box.
  8. Meetings  If you're tired of those "What time works for you?" back-and-forth emails, the Meetings tool will change your life. You just link your calendar and block off any times that you don't want to be available. Then grab your handy link and allow people to book a time slot with you! 
  9. The Content Strategy Tool - The Content Strategy tool helps you to not only align your content goals, but to have a streamlined, easy-to-navigate, and visually pleasing portal that helps content make more sense. Seeing how pillar pages spider out to subtopics helps the planning process and gives a clear vision of how to move forward. It also gives solid analytics, so that's always a plus.
  10. Workflows – Lead nurturing is an integral part of inbound marketing, and HubSpot’s workflows make staying top-of-mind very easy. With workflows, HubSpot does the heavy lifting on sending pre-set automated e-mails to leads who meet a specific criteria—crucial for scaling your marketing efforts, nurturing your relationships and closing customers.

 Are you a HubSpot nerd yourself? What's your favorite feature?

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