Accessibility Partner Program

Join our Partner Program and ensure your clients’ websites are accessible.

Website accessibility is an important aspect of managing your clients' online presence.

The Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outline best practices for operating a website that enables access to all visitors, regardless of their abilities. These guidelines ensure businesses don't inadvertently discriminate against visitors and protects them from potential lawsuits and demand letters.


Achieving WCAG 2.1 Compliance

These guidelines can be complicated to understand but are important to prioritize.

Morey Creative Studios has published an entire guide aimed at helping other HubSpot users understand and resolve common issues.

If you're not proficient in website accessibility, Morey's Accessibility Partner Program provides services to other Solution Partners. Let us audit and resolve any potential issues preventing your clients from being WCAG Compliant, while ensuring they avoid Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-based legal issues. This can be achieved by white labeling our service or connecting us directly with your clients. As an added incentive, you will earn a commission on each direct project, or you can leverage our white label service and charge clients directly. 


Helping Our Partner Community

In response to the current economic pressure we partners are feeling, for a limited time, Morey Creative is offering an increased 15% commission for direct projects.




Direct Commission

Less Than 15 Pages $4,750 30 $713
15–29 Pages $8,500 60 $1,275
30–49 Pages $13,500 100 $2,025
50–74 Pages $19,750 150 $2,963
75–100 Pages $26,000 200 $3,900

Project Types and Commissions


Direct Projects. Think of us as an honorary team member. Morey Creative's accessibility experts work directly with your clients to improve their digital presence. This includes communication, resolving issues or making suggestions, and direct billing. You bring the client to us and we'll handle the rest.


White Label Projects. We have no direct communication with the client. Instead, we treat you like the client, communicating, addressing issues and billing your group directly. Although this produces a lower commission rate, it allows you to bill your clients as you see fit. 


Additional Expenses:

Any website being managed is required to be fully hosted on the HubSpot CMS and have an active accessiBe license, and therefore necessitate direct agreements with both organizations. The accessiBe license costs approximately $500 per year for every subdomain.

In the event we need more than the allocated number of service hours, additional work to resolve issues is billed at $125 per hour. No commission is paid on these additional service hours.

Ongoing Maintenance: After the initial project, to ensure your website remains compliant, additional pages can be reviewed either as they are published or as they are changed. Such a request could be made one page at a time or in bulk, and is billed at a rate of $125 per hour. No commission is paid on these additional service hours.

It's time to address accessibility for your clients.

Learn more about partnering with Morey Creative Studios.


Morey Creative Studios employs a trained team of accessibility experts dedicated to creating and maintaining WCAG + ADA compliance for HubSpot websites.

We want to see our fellow Solutions Partners succeed. Providing accessible websites is just one crucial measure you can take as an agency to produce the best quality service. Take advantage of our skillset to expand your level of client support.

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